Modern Band Colloquium

Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO

July 7-9, 2018


The Center for Music Education Research (University of South Florida) and the Center for Pedagogy in Arts and Design (Penn State University) invite all researchers, scholars, and practitioners interested in exploring approaches in music education that expand the vision and practice of modern and future teaching and learning within the field to submit proposals for the Modern Band Colloquium to be held at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO, this coming summer (July 7-8, 2018).


This colloquium is particularly committed to the exploration of curricular expansion within the field of music education.  While traditional school ensembles are an important and ubiquitous staple in primary and secondary schools across North America, this summit seeks to investigate and explore the addition of musical offerings that address the needs of diverse student populations, diverse musical cultures, genres, and practices, and style-specific, authentic approaches to teaching and learning. “Modern Band” is one of the names that has been given to school musical offerings that do this.  Sessions that focus on creativity, and culturally responsive student autonomy in learner-centered environments are encouraged.

Types of Submissions:

Standard oral presentations, interactive presentations, 5 minute video presentation (such as presented on, research posters, and panels.

Topics Sought:

All types of research, scholarship, conceptual work, and adaptive and/or innovative practice are welcome. The organizers of the Modern Band Colloquium would like to see proposals pertaining to the following topics (but are not limited to the following):

  • Community-based or Community-to-School Practices
  • Creativity and Inventiveness in Music Education
  • Cultural, Sociological, and Ecological Practices and Perspective
  • Democratic and Learner-Centered Practices
  • Innovative Practices in Teacher Education
  • Practice or Critique of Popular Music in Music Education
  • Theoretical or Critical Perspectives on Traditional, Current, and Future Music Education Practices
  • Examples of Model or Exemplary Modern Bands

Submission Information:

  1.     Identifying information (name, school affiliation, e-mail, and additional authors)
  2.     Specify preferred presentation format (listed below)
  3.     Title
  4.     Abstract of 300-500 words. Include the summary of the pedagogical purpose or research, the method, methodology, or theoretical foundation, findings or results (if known), and implications.
Standard Oral Presentation: 20 minutes followed by 10 minutes of discussion. Standard oral presentations are opportunities to present in detail on a project.
Interactive Presentation: 30 minutes of engaged activity. Interactive presentations are opportunities to share topics of interest through an innovative, thought-provoking format that encourages audience participation and interaction.
Short Video: 5 minutes of video intending to inform on a specified topic with 5 minutes of discussion led by presenter. This format is similar too but different than a “lightning talk” format. See for examples.
Panel: 40 mins followed by 20 minutes of discussion. Panel sessions consist of two to four presenters offering individual perspectives about a shared topic, or they may feature presenters taking different and sometimes controversial perspectives on a topic. Participant feedback and response will be encouraged for all panels.
Poster Session: 1 hour joint poster session

Make all submissions via this link:


Deadline for submission is January 12

Presenters will be notified by February 12

Meeting URL:

Contact Information:

Clint Randles (University of South Florida)

Ann Clements (Penn State University)